How to Join

Individual Membership


Candidates for membership in Delta Sigma Pi must receive an invitation to join from a local chapter, complete an orientation program, and demonstrate a willingness to perpetuate the ideals of the Fraternity. Cross-membership in Greek social fraternities and sororities is permitted, but members of Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Gamma Nu and Phi Chi Theta are not permitted to join.

To find a chapter in your area or to get contact information for the Delta Sigma Pi chapter on your campus, visit our Chapter Locator, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 513-523-1907.



Start or Reactivate a Collegiate Chapter



If there is not a Delta Sigma Pi chapter on your campus, it is easy to start one—new groups are forming all the time. Requirements are listed below.


Universities which currently have groups forming on their campus include the following colonies:


Eckerd College - St. Petersburg, FL

Coastal Carolina University - Conway, SC

Jacksonville State University - Jacksonville, AL

Stony Brook University - Stony Brook, NY

Tulane University - New Orleans, LA

University of California-Merced - Merced, CA

University of La Verne - La Verne, CA 

University of Louisville - Louisville, KY

University of Maryland-College Park - College Park, MD


College and University Requirements:


• College or university has a separate college, school, division or department of business or economics (or “qualified program”)
• College of Business accredited by accrediting association to award Bachelor or Masters degree

• Qualified Program has at least 400 students enrolled in College of Business or Economics (or waived by Board of Directors)

• The office of the business/economics dean or office of student affairs must provide a written statement of permission to Delta Sigma Pi to recruit and hold meetings for the purpose of establishing a colony


If the college/university meets the requirements, students and/or faculty may call a meeting of interested students to discuss the possibilities of starting a chapter. The Central Office will forward a packet of informational materials to any interested student, faculty, business club, local fraternity, etc. for consideration and sharing with peers. Fraternity staff and/or area alumni may also arrange to conduct an informational and organizational meeting. If enough students are interested, they can form a colony. This group must also be recognized by the college or university.


To form a colony, students must send a formal letter of intent with the signatures of two or more interested students to the Central Office.


Once the colony is established, it must plan and implement a variety of activities that will demonstrate they are functioning like a Delta Sigma Pi chapter by doing the following:


• Hold weekly meetings and report monthly to the Central Office.
• Continuously recruit new members (In order to become a chapter, the colony must have 25 or more student members, with a minimum of 20 members returning to campus the two semesters or quarters following the installation. Ideally, the group should have 40 or more students and several faculty members.)

• Prepare roster of colony members and submit to the Central Office by the end of each school term

• Elect colony officers (including a colony advisor) and submit online to the Central Office at the beginning of each school term and summer. (Officers should meet weekly to plan for the colony meeting and to review the status of all objectives.)

• Appoint necessary committees (professional, service, fundraising, social, faculty relations)

• Each student must be in good academic standing with a GPA of at least 2.00

• Prepare local bylaws and submit to the Central Office using a template provided. Copies should be made available to each colony member.

• Prepare calendar of activities and conduct programs including professional, service, fundraising, and social events similar to a chapter

• Complete eight (8) professional activities

• Complete six (6) service activities

• Report activities to Central Office online

• Attend LEAD events

• Communicate with Central Office and any local volunteers (District Director, Regional Vice President) on a regular basis


Once the colony has met all of the requirements and has been in operation for at least one academic year, the colony will need to apply for a chapter charter. The official application and request for a charter is in the form of a petition and cover letter to the National Fraternity, accompanied by payment of the charter fee, initiation fee for each member, and badge lease fee for each member. The petition must include a complete and accurate historical reference for all activities of the colony since its founding, as well as other supporting materials.


Once the petition is received, the Board of Directors will vote whether to approve the charter. If approved, the colony will need to determine an installation date. A Pledging Ceremony is then conducted at least 30 days prior to the installation date, concluding with initiation of all of the colony members and chapter installation.


For more information, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 513-523-1907.